Miyamoto Musashi

Musashi's history

Stampa di Musashi con due spade di legnoMiyamoto Musashi, also kwnow as the able master who fight with two swords, was born in Japan in 1584. It was son of a master of jittè (name of the stick that served to capture the blades of the swords) which were to the service, in quality of intendant, of the Shinimen family.

Japan in that time was characterized by continuous conflict and therefore it offered great possibilities most audacious.
The commanders of the several faction searched masters of the art of the sword and offered theirs services to the more generous and influential leader , one of these was the father of Musashi.

As he himself asserts in the book of five rings, Musashi disputed approximately sixty duels in its life without never to lose of one.
It followed the tracks of the father offering its dowries to the service of leaders. He faced his first duel when he was thirteen years, killing the adversary. Taken part to a civil war, that was considered by everyone "decisive" because the fortunes of the armies in field closely were tied to the outcome of the war.

Stampa di Musashi con due spade di legnoIn the 1604 Japanese samurai , moved to Kyoto where it fought with a famous skilled swordsman defeating it. But the disciples of the defeated master and his brother (Musashi killed him too), prepared him one ambush. But Miyamoto, disclose the ambush, stiff one trap to the commander and he killed him. However the aggressor's family, asserted in some documents that Musashi is escaped or that it has been defeated but his life was spared.

An other celebre encounter was with a man who used like arm a bamboo cane and Musashi, taken an addle from a boatman, after sharpening the addle killed the adversary before it took his cane.

When he was fifty, he wasn't married yet, and one years later he adopted the son of its greater brother, later served one japanese family. When he was fifty-seven he was invited from a great master of the sword and expert of the art of hejo (the strategy). Musashi had finally found a master that it could serve using to the maximum its abilities. In this period wrote the book Hejo sanjugo-ka-jò (thirty-seven strategy garnishments). The master died little after that Musashi had ended its treaty. The dead of its master and the old age convinced Musashi to entrust the Niten ichi school (founded by him as well ) to the son. The school teached the art of the two swords according to the Nitò style (one other school).

Stampa di Musashi con due spade di legnoMusashi isolating itself in a cove wrote the book of five rings. When he finished the work he spent his time painting, and expressing so his life since he had lost most of his strenght due to his old age.

He died little in 1645 after the final draft of the book of five rings. Its memory is alive still today and many people continue to admire it.