Miyamoto Musashi

A samurai, one legend

Musashi Miyamoto

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645 d.c) has been the greatest master in the art of the sword in feudale Japan. It is narrated that nobody never exceeded its martial abilities and dexterity. It thought that the exercise in the sword had to be means in order to affinare the spirit. It was, as well as a great skilled swordsman, also a painter and a poet, in fact its works belong to the classical patrimony of the Japanese literature.

In order to make to know and to hand on its instructions and the results of its extraordinary experience, Musashi founded the fencing school of Niten-Ichi ryu. To the age of sixty years, at last, Musashi determined to withdraw itself in a cove and it wrote here, isolated and in meditation, the book of the five rings (Gorin No Sho), a work that can be considered its spiritual testament.